Dealing With The Dating Doldrums

Throughout the age of exploration, many ships have experienced the doldrums where there was no wind or wide to help the ship move ahead in their journey. For those who are currently single, the dating world can turn into this situation as they fruitlessly spend their time trying to find a compatible partner. Tensions build as they remain stuck in place, and they begin to wonder if they will ever move to a place where life will be better. It is truly a frustrating situation, and the lack of relief from sexual tension can make it even worse.

An Alternative to Dating

Hooking up with another person does not need to be about forming a relationship, so both of them can relax and find enjoyment in releasing their sexual tensions. Rather than facing the awkwardness of talking with each other, they can get right down to what they both want. They can avoid the guesswork of figuring out the best way to signal they are interested in sex, and there are no arguments about what will occur. Each of them know why they are together, so they do not experience the normal frustration that comes with a dating experience.

Avoiding Normal Dating Practices

When two people date, there are normal practices, and failure to meet expectations leads to arguments between them. A relationship partner is expected to remember important dates such as birthdays, and their failure to find the perfect gift can make life miserable. When they are with someone that is not seeking a relationship, presents are not wanted. The other person is interested only in relieving sexual tensions, so it eliminates the need to worry about being a perfect partner.

Meeting Social Standards

Two people who are dating have to meet certain social standards, and these include meeting family and friends. Making a good impression is important, and it can take hard work to prepare for this type of situation. It can be difficult for people who work long hours or are uninterested in meeting relatives, so those who are interested only in finding someone for sex are better off using online services to find someone for their recreational sexual needs.

A Good Local Service

Trying to hook up with someone online can be difficult because the internet spans the entire globe. People who use these services must be aware that the person they are attempting to contact might be across the street, or they could be on the other side of the world. There are good services such as Shag Local that provide profiles for people in the area. This helps avoid the frustration of finding a perfect match and finding out they are too far to meet.

Dating and finding a good relationship can be the most important pursuit for many, but suffering through the wasteland of bad dates can be difficult. For those who want to wait for the perfect mate, there are now online services where they can meet someone to take care of their physical needs and help them deal with the tensions caused by not being with their perfect partner.